Complaint & Reminder

Complaint and 8D Report

Should a customer complain about goods, with the complaint and the integrated 8D report you have the possibility to react directly in terms of quality assurance. In doing so, you simply assign the complaint to the customer document and note the quantity complained about. The eight necessary process steps for the processing of a complaint are now carried out as part of the quality management procedure. To do this, you define a team, document the description of the problem, establish the immediate measures and determine the causes of the errors, plan the remedial measures and implement these. At the end, you still have options for repeating the error and exchange experiences with each other.

Management of Open Items

After creating and sending your invoices, you can record them in the Outgoing Invoices Journal. After this step, the invoices recorded in the journal are no longer editable and, at the same time, the invoiced amounts become open items of your customers. These can now be viewed in the Business Partner Info or be viewed in the OP management, and they can also be settled there directly on receipt of the payment.

Reminder Proposals and Reminders

Concerning reminders, you can have the system generate automated reminder proposals. To do so, you specify how many days the due date must be exceeded and, to increase the reminder level, the maximum time allowed to pass after the last reminder. Credits and invoices can be offset conveniently against each other. Afterwards, all proposals are displayed in a table view and can then be selectively managed as individual reminders. These can then be printed out as usual or sent directly to the customer by email.