CRM & Business Partners

Currencies and Multilingualism

Nothing is more important today than meeting your business partners on an equal footing. For this purpose, it its important to draft quotations directly in the language of the prospect or customer. Our systems gives you the possibility to freely translate all documents and item descriptions. Currencies can also be imported automatically at the push of a button and at current ECB rates. When the document is saved, currency conversion is performed automatically. TimeLine Neo itself can be freely translated. We already offer ​​German, English, Romanian, Slovak and Bulgarian as standard languages.

Printing and sending emails and faxes

All documents and tables can of course be exported, printed or faxed. In the current age of digitization, sending documents and assessments via email is getting more and more important. That is why TimeLine Neo has a fully integrated email client. This assigns the written emails directly to the business partner. Thus there is no need to manage annoying folder structures in Outlook anymore. Incoming emails can be checked, tagged and assigned to the correct customer, prospect, supplier or employee at short intervals. The integrated document management ensures that you no longer have to search documents in confusing file structures. One click on the email and you will see directly all documents that are assigned to this business partner, or you can search all files with the help of the full-text search in just a few seconds.

Activities, Follow-up and Calendar

Have all phone calls, emails or on-site visits assigned directly to the customer. Create activities and add a follow-up date, so that you never again miss the right moment to take up contact again. The integrated calendar also allows you to schedule any kind of appointments, whether recurring, single or full-day appointments. Simply assign the appropriate employees, the customer and all the required documents and keep track of your spare capacities. To help you to see what is scheduled also on the go, we deliver a CalDAV server that syncs your calendars with your smartphone.