Groupware & Documents

Document Management

The integrated document management allows you to link documents of any kind (PDF, Word, Excel, CAD, photos, etc.) to any object. Thus you can assign emails directly to customers, suppliers or prospects, attach orders as PDF directly to your order confirmations or attach user instructions to your articles. Automatic import of files from specific directories or email accounts can also be done easily. OCR then provides indexing of all files.


Emails can be used seamlessly throughout the entire application. Whether you want to send order confirmations, invoices, reminders, or lists of any kind - the integrated email client makes the handling of documents, contacts and signatures particularly easy. There is no longer the need to create cumbersome folder structures in your email application, as the information is already inside the system. Search in the DMS for any documents with the help of the full-text search and allocate additional contact persons, employees or local files to the email.

Calendar and To-dos

Easily manage appointments, tasks (to-dos) and documents for all employees or entire departments within the fully-integrated calendar. Daily, weekly and monthly views provide you with an immediate overview of capacities and help you in scheduling. A recurring appointment/deadline wizard and the task management make sure you don't miss a single deadline. To-dos can be scheduled in the calendar with a simple drag & drop, provided with a target deadline and then reported back. Thus you can generate delivery notes or invoices directly from calendar entries concerning the rental of objects or the performance of employees.

Phone Interface (TAPI)

With our phone interface, you can immediately assign incoming calls to the appropriate business partner. With just one click, you can accept the call and end it. With the shortcut, you reach the contact person immediately and are able to record activities, appointments or notes concerning the conversation. Within the software, double-clicking on a phone number field suffices to call the desired contact directly. The annoying entry of phone numbers is therefore completely dispensed with.