Projects & Milestones

Milestones and Project Phases

In a project, you bundle all purchase and sales and production documents into a coherent process and get an overview of all milestones and project phases with a single click. With the milestone check, you have the possibility at any time to check whether the project is still within the agreed schedule. Each document can be assigned to a project or even a specific milestone. This allows you to see directly, by means of a post-calculation how the project has evolved over time.

Collection of Documents and Notes

Other documents concerning purchase and sales can be centrally created, as well as previous article calculations or production orders. For all production orders summarized here, you can see at a glance all the material requirements as well as an indication of whether they can be covered by purchasing or production. Communication with the customer can also take place in project-related activities, project notes. Similar as with the case of the customer, phone calls, emails or visits can be recorded and documents imported into the DMS.

Project Production

The project production, the so-called project work order, also allows you to view a lot of additional important information concerning the production of your project. The bill of materials, as well as all associated work sequences are displayed here as a structure, as well as in tabular form. Individual work sequences can be represented as a “pool” and thus be condensed. This makes individual work steps much easier, since all the sheets, for example, from the entire bill of materials can be reported in one go, thus enormously reducing recording and administration effort in your production.