Purchasing & Procurement

Quotation Requests and Delivery Dates

The quotation request is the basis of any calculation, whether for resale or production. For this, you match the products you are requesting a quotation for with the relevant suppliers. An email with the request with all products is automatically generated as a PDF per supplier and sent. Sending a link is also possible. The supplier is then redirected to a website and has the opportunity to fill in digitally prices and the earliest possible delivery dates. The information is then automatically transferred to the system.

Purchase Contracts and Purchase Orders

Purchase contracts usually include the acceptance of goods over a defined period with fixed conditions. These contracts allow generating orders for the supplier at any time. On the other hand, you can define fixed times for individual deliveries within the order schedules. Thus it is possible to arrange for monthly deliveries and to send individual orders to your supplier via a serial capture. The history clearly displays processing requests and changes to deadlines and quantities.

Debit Notes and Supplier Reminders

If deliveries of goods are incomplete, defective or damaged, you can use the debit note (also the goods receipt credit) to reduce the invoice amount or return the rejected parts to the supplier. With supplier reminders, you can also place your suppliers in default if the previously agreed delivery dates have not been met or parts are missing in the delivery. These can then be sent by mail or email.