Resource & Operational Planning

Personnel Deployment Planning

With personnel deployment planning you can define your shifts and working hours, as well as holidays and sick leaves. You can then generate shifts of any type for several employees, directly over a freely definable period of time. Target times created in this way are the basis for further personnel time recording. Sick leave and holidays captured this way can be printed out directly for payroll accounting. This means that the Excel lists used so frequently are a thing of the past.

Personnel time recording

Personnel time recording consists of two parts - the registration on a tablet surface and an evaluation. On the touch-optimized interface, employees can stamp arrival and departure times as well as simple errands. These times are saved and displayed in the evaluation as a journal, daily or monthly overview. You will also receive an attendance overview to see directly which employees are moving within the company today.

Evaluation of the Target/Actual Situation Comparison

The Target/Actual Situation Comparison allows you to view all the hours worked by an employee in a clear table. In the process, the difference is calculated directly and, after being formalized, also the overtime that may have accrued. This makes it easy to have overtime accounts and record holiday entitlements.