Rough & Fine Planning

Gantt and Calendar Display

Gantt planning is used for scheduling and provides ideal support for determining any resource bottleneck. This also gives you a better overview of machine, resource and employee utilization within the company. The details of the selected work order are displayed with a right-click, and you can see the entire order or individual work sequences, so that these deadlines are not breached when re-planning. You can display each individual resource in a daily, weekly or monthly overview in the planning calendar.

Shift Schedules and Capacities

You can create and manage any number of shifts in the system, including different break times and different holiday schedules, depending on the federal state. Shifts can be assigned to employees and machines and created using a rolling weekly schedule. A percentage utilization level can also be established per resource, thus allowing a finite capacity plan to be carried out. Alternatively, this calculation can also be done by infinite or bottleneck-determined capacities.

Lot Sizes and Alternatives

Work orders with lot sizes allow them to be divided into smaller sub-quantities. This allows subsequent work sequences to be started before the entire amount of the production order has gone through the current work sequence. In addition, alternative resources can be stored for each work sequence, so that the plan automatically deviates to these, should the primary resource already be occupied.