Sale & Invoicing

From the Quotation to the Invoice

Of course you have the possibility to create all relevant and necessary documents. This includes quotations, order confirmations, partial and collective delivery notes (even without billing for the dispatch of samples or replacements), partial and grouped invoices, direct invoices and credit notes. The invoice also gives you the possibility of creating pro forma, partial and final invoices. The complete document flow is displayed clearly in a document explorer.

Delivery and Invoicing Overviews

The overview of all outstanding deliveries and all not yet billed deliveries allows reacting immediately to delays with just a glance. It is possible to combine several orders into one delivery note with just one click, as well as several delivery notes into a single grouped invoice. Subsequently, the documents created in this way can be printed via the grouping feature or exported as PDF.

Contracts and delivery schedules

Sales contracts usually include the acceptance of goods over an established period at fixed conditions with your customer. Order confirmations for your business partners can be created on the basis of these contracts at any time. On the other hand, you can define fixed times for individual deliveries within the delivery schedules. Thus it is possible to arrange for monthly deliveries and to send individual orders to your customer via a serial capture. The history clearly displays processing requests and changes to deadlines and quantities.