Stock Management

Multiple Warehouses and Chaotic Warehouse

Keeping track of all raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products is not always easy. TimeLine Neo helps to manage multiple internal and external warehouses, with or without fixed storage spaces. With every movement of materials, you can see where the product is stored and in what quantity it is available there. Thus you can decide beforehand from which warehouse you want to take the product, or you can give this information only when entering the transaction

Batch and Serial Numbers

Serial and batch numbers are required to allow you to identify individual products or a product series at any time. A simple license plate suffices, and you will be informed on the occasion of each warehouse operation about which batch and serial numbers you have in stock, and you can select directly which of them you wish to install, ship or relocate. With the integrated traceability and product life history, you can see exactly where you have installed what parts.

Sets and article structures

Sets allow you to identify typical combinations of products that are usually sold together. A virtual inventory is also created on the basis of the product of the set with the lowest stock to calculate how many times you can still sell this set. For goods that you produce yourself, you can establish structures with infinite levels with the help of modular or multi-level bills of materials. A recursion check also helps you to create these structures without errors. These products are then dissolved in production up to the last level and split into sub-work orders and orders.

Packing Materials and Shipping

Add the weight, your favorite packing materials and the maximum possible quantity directly to the article and have packaging suggestions generated directly when creating the delivery note. These can then be manually optimized and then transferred digitally and fully automatically to DHL, DPD, or UPS. You receive the issued shipping labels, which you only need to print out and stick onto the items to be shipped. Shipping can be that easy.