No, it is not required. If you don’t have your own server, we can provide you with the appropriate server hosting via our server in Frankfurt. Depending on the server capacity, various monthly costs will be charged for this service. We would be happy to advise you personally.

No, as TimeLine Neo is basically designed to be serviced and adapted via remote maintenance. This saves you travel and lodging costs, and us time on the road. If you would like personal support on site, we would be happy, of course, to assist you here too.

No, not natively, as TimeLine Neo is designed for use on the Windows operating system. For MacOS users it therefore makes sense to run Windows on a virtual machine (e.g. via Parallels or Fusion). You can then also work with TimeLine Neo on MacOS-supported systems.

Access from additional workstations to the demo registration is possible at any time. You only need to check “Already registered” in the registration mask and then enter the user name and password with which the first registration was performed.

Yes. For TimeLine Neo we develop a new version every year. Within this update, TimeLine Neo is expanded with valuable functions arising from the requirements of our customers. Since these updates aren’t mandatory, you can decide for yourself whether you want to carry out a TimeLine Neo update. We also continue to maintain older TimeLine Neo versions. However, active development work is limited to the last two versions of TimeLine Neo at the particular moment. As a customer with a maintenance contract, you receive the new version annually free of charge.

We offer a purchase model and a leasing model. When you purchase TimeLine Neo, the acquired licenses are perpetual. In the case of the leasing models, on the other hand, there are different terms e.g. 12, 24 or 36 months. Independent of the licensing model, a license is required for every end device on which TimeLine Neo is to be used – whether it be a PC or a laptop. Thereby the number of users actually working on the respective end devices is irrelevant.

TimeLine Neo is not modularly constructed. With the purchase of the software, all functions of the current version are included – this means one price, all functions.

No, the maintenance contract is optional. Particularly in the first year, however, the conclusion of a maintanance contract is a useful option. Especially in regard to the included hotline and free updates and upgrades, the maintenance contract can be worthwhile. What is included and what is not can be found under Software Maintenance Contract in our GTC: https://www.timeline-neo.en/agb/.